Our Services

We are proud to offer bubble baths (bath and blow dry) mini spa days (bath plus face, feet, and sanitary trim), full spa experiences (bath and haircut) as well as specialized hand stripping and hand scissoring to breed standards. We also offer an array of beautifying treatments to make our four-legged customers feel their best. Pawdicures can include complimentary polish.

For those looking for a more cutting-edge style, we offer cruelty-free dye, feather extensions, and stenciling. Based on the dog’s breed and/or coat, our stylists hand select a premium shampoo and condition to ensure that your pup gets the best results. Bathing and grooming rates depend on the size, breed, condition of the coat and individual temperament of the dog. Please call or email for pricing. The prices quoted are only an estimate and do not include de-matting.

Our Packages

Bubble Baths
Grooming service for your canine including bath & blowdry. Exactly what they need for a quick freshen up.
At Masterpiece, we are passionate about setting your pet up for a lifetime of happy grooming. Start bring your puppy to the salon and working on at-home brushing as early as possible!
Mini Spa Day
Our spa day includes the perfect treatment for your canine a bath plus face, feet, & sanitary trim.
From bathing services to lion cuts, our experienced cat groomer will leave your kitten looking primped and proper, ready to strut their stuff like the little lion they are.
Full Spa Experience
The Full Spa Experience includes everything to pamper your canine including a bath & haircut.
Hand Stripping
Professional Hand Stripping services available to breed standard.